Don't fall behind. Dedicate some time to personal well-being for yourself and your children. The coronavirus will not WIN!

  1. SAISD is providing to-go meals at the following schools: Belaire elementary, Bradford elementary, Crockett elementary, Goliad elementary and Lee Middle School. Breakfast is served from 7:30am until 8:30 am and Lunch from 11:00am- 12:00pm. The meals are for children 18 years or younger and parents do not have to get out of their vehicles are they are drive thru drop offs, they are encouraged to stay in their vehicles. Source: Sonia Ramirez-Munoz on San Angelo, article: “SAISD will offer free meals during school closure due to coronavirus March 16, 2020. 

  1. San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts providing free art survival activity packet.  Families can stop by during their normal office hours: Monday thru Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm. They are also working on providing online contents for at home use, to know any updates follow them, SAMFA on Facebook and Instagram. Source: Sonia Ramirez-Munoz on San Angelo, article: “SAMFA Offers Free Art Survival Packet to all Families” March 17, 2020. 

  1. Grape Creek ISD offers grab and go breakfast and lunches to children under the age of 18.  Breakfast will be served from 8:00am- 9:00am and lunch from 11:30am – 12:30pm. They will also be delivering meals at their usual pick up and drop off areas, at their regular education routes.  Source: Sonia Ramirez-Munoz on San Angelo, article: “Grape Creek ISD offers children free meals and educational resources” March 17, 2020. 

  1. Dollar General Stores will be dedicated to attend seniors only on their first hour of operations at all of their stores. They usually open their doors at 8:00am every day. Source: Sonia Ramirez-Munoz on San Angelo, article: “Dollar General Announces Senior Shopper Hour” March 17, 2020. 

  1. Governor Gregg Abbott has waived the vehicles rules in which state that people won’t be penalized when they don’t renew their vehicles title or registration; also those penalties for not renewing parking placards for people with disabilities. These can be done online, but also they’re implementing this to avoid long lines and big crowds at their centers.  

  1. HEB is offering free online grocery Curbside pickup. Along with all the alternatives to avoid crowded areas; like Walmart grocery pickup, Target pickup and Market Street. Each store has an online app which you can download to your phone or tablet or you can also order it online. 

  1. Scholastic has released a free 3 hour program to learn from home for children that attend 1st grade and up. This is a good resource for those parents looking for something to do for their children, as they are at home and want to keep them occupied. The website can be found by typing on the web search engine.  

  1. Ivy league schools have opened up for free 450 online courses. Some of the universities offering these free courses are Harvard, Brown, Cornell University, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, etc. For you to look at them access to the link provided: 

  1. There’s some websites that have offered free online story time books for your young ones. One of them is through 

  1. The New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues have offered on their Facebook page, daily free online guitar lessons for everyone.  

  1. Shannon is offering free health screenings for those patients that think that might have the same symptoms as the ones that are similar to the coronavirus. To be able to have this free online visit, they patient will have to access their online platform called “Shannon on demand” and use the code: Shannon Covid- 19 in order to be a free visit, and a provider will be talking virtually with you. 

    1. Vooks is offering online 1 month free trial of their streaming service of books and animated illustrations You can download the app called: Vooks. After the month there will be some monthly or yearly charges.  

    1. During this time of economic hardship it is important to understand that all of us suffer and the most impacted are the small local business. Do not forget that we can always support them and by this, in this link you can see all of the Chamber of Commerce recommendations and a list of all the local businesses that are open and their recommendations to avoid the spread of this virus. 

    1. The San Angelo Studios is offering for $19 per month or $99 for 6 months an alternative to those working or leading from home, also to those home school parents. You can email work and they will print it, Daily video chat from home, outgoing mail service, etc. You can find more information and subscribe following this link:  and/or follow them on Facebook by searching San Angelo Studios - a coworking space 

    1. We do understand this is a stressful time and sometimes we see ourselves with anxiety and stress due to all of the information that we keep receiving, financial stability during this situation and other facts that trigger our emotional state. For this, we have found some interesting reading that could help you all manage through this difficult time. Follow this link that the CDC has prepared for all of us to help us ease during this time: 

    1. The San Angelo Police Department has also made some changes in their in person transactions. For now, they’re allowing only mail or online requests to not delay the process of permits or any other reports. This link will have all the steps to follow and what services are available through mail or online: 

    1. Some Churches have taken this time, to avoid the spread of this virus, to have their scheduled masses through live stream online. Contact your local church or look their website or on any social media so that you can find more information. 

    1. If you want to eat from almost any of your local restaurants but are afraid of the exposure it may because you can always order from this locally owned business San Angelo to go, and order from them; they will bring the food to you. You will have to download their app or go to their website for you to order from them. Access to for more information.  

    1. The Tom Green Library has a lot of fun books online for children, teens and grownups online. You can access to them and for updated news through their website. They have a two week period Wi-Fi hot spot for those that need access to the internet, if you requested materials from the North Branch Library they will also have a curbside pickup so that you don’t have to leave your vehicle, story time online, etc. There are an unlimited choices online for all of those families that miss going to the library and for those that want to involve their children into more learning and reading. Click on this link and you will find more information: 

    1. During this period, not only the healthy citizens have to be reminded of the tips to prevent the spread of this virus, but also that small population that has dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is hard for those caregivers to keep up and remind them to wash their hands and to follow some guidelines in order to keep them safe and healthy. This is why, the West Texas Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association is giving some recommendations to those families and caregivers: