Community Events

Healthy Families Children Fair
Sunday, April 23
1:00pm - 5:00pm


The Children's Fair was created by and is hosted by Healthy Families San Angelo. Designed for kids and families, it is held each year on the 4th Sunday of April, recognized internationally as the Month of the Child. The Fair is the Healthy Families local fundraising event. Over 100 food, game, and activity booths are set up and run by nonprofit groups and organizations benefitting children's causes.

 Participating organizations are able to earn funds for their children's projects by retaining 90% of the gross profits of their booths. The cost of operating the Children's Fair is underwritten by business sponsors who sign on each year to help. These sponsors enable Healthy Families to share profits with nonprofit organizations. The Healthy Families Children's Fair is a 23-year tradition in San Angelo, one that families eagerly anticipate. The Fair's focal point is the Open Stage for children to perform on. Local dance schools, gymnastics teams, karate schools, church choirs, and individuals perform on the Open Stage. In addition, the Area-Wide Coloring Contest is held for all kids from pre-K through 5th grade. Generous businesses and individuals donate prizes for a giant prize giveaway that benefits Healthy Families.

Hundreds of volunteers make the Children's Fair happen each year. The community spirit the Fair embodies, involving people from all walks of life, is a reflection of the importance San Angelo places on its youth.


Catch In Motion Kids Marathon
Thursday, April 6
5:30pm - 7:00pm
San Angelo Stadium


Designed to target children in grades K-6, this celebratory fitness and nutrition program encourages students, staff and parents to develop the love and habit of moving, eating a balanced diet and enjoying good health. Kids run 26 miles over 4 months at their campus and then complete the last 0.2 mile during a celebration event at the San Angelo Stadium.

The Final Lap Event is a culmination of their hard work and desire to live a healthy life, with games and information provided by local community organizations and businesses. Some active participants include the San Angelo Road Lizards Running Club, YMCA, Team RWB and Goodfellow Air Force Base. In addition, hometown high school and college athletes are present as positive role models and are given a chance to mentor the younger kids that respect them so much. The children are thrilled when the older athletes run alongside them or stand to meet them with congratulations at the finish line.

The first 500 students to cross the finish line receive a finisher’s medal and t-shirt to commemorate their accomplishments. Students are also presented with a water bottle which they can use to gather autographs from area collegiate and high school athletes and school mascots.

For those who want to participate in another activity, community organizations are set up on the middle of the football field. Obstacle courses, tug-of-war, baseball throwing competitions and Tae Kwon Do are just some of the many activities available.

While kids participate in the activities, parents are able to visit booths to find out what other opportunities are going to be available throughout the summer. Organizations and activities for this year include: YMCA, USTA Tennis Association, Team Chip Tae Kwon Do, Nature Center petting zoo, SAISD team sports and summer camps info, and Boys and Girls  tug-o-war game